Leveraged Buyouts

Konsortium Capital has guided many clients through the complex stages of a leveraged buyout, whether for a client finding itself the target of such a proposal, on a “friendly” or “unfriendly” basis, or for a client seeking to utilize the leveraged finance markets to permit it to undertake a vital strategic acquisition. We are thoroughly familiar with a large variety of financial engineering techniques and products necessary for the execution of successful leveraged finance transactions. In addition, we are in constant communication with the diverse and constantly evolving sources of leveraged finance.

We have also assisted many clients in raising debt capital, utilizing leverage of their assets and cash flow to permit the successful conclusion of a transaction. The use of leverage in the proper proportions is essential to increasing growth through acquisitions. A leveraged recapitalization can facilitate a distribution of capital to existing shareholders when other forms of liquidity are unavailable.

With Konsortium Capital’s thorough knowledge of and range of relationships with today’s leading leveraged lending and structured finance institutions, companies can utilize several forms of debt including: senior secured asset and cash flow bank and non-bank debt, senior credit facilities and revolvers, senior term A and B loans, junior term and mezzanine debt, high-yield debt, short-term bridge loans and private debt placements.